September 28 to 29: The TEFARCO Consorzio Innova participated in the Pharma Bio + Conference (Malays

During the conference were presented important scientific lecture

On 28 and 29 September the Convention Pharma + Bio Asia 2016 for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry held, at the Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).


The Conference, organized by the Non-Destructive Biomed Pharma Research Centre of University Technology Mara (connected with the Univerisity of Parma with student and faculty exchange agreements), saw the participation of TEFARCO Consorzio Innova, during the various workshops of the scientific-pharmaceutical sector.


Paolo Colombo, President of TEFARCO, along with Carla Caramella, representative member of the University of Pavia, presented two plenary lectures titled "Antibiotics Dry Powder Inhalers: In Vitro/In Vivo Drug Deposition" and "Bioactive Formulations For Skin Repair".


Attended at the event also Stephen Giovagnoli, University of Perugia (partner of Consortium), Paolo Blasi, Diego Perinelli, and Giovanni Filippo Palmieri, all from the University of Camerino (Italy), who presented the following lectures:


- Solid Lipid Nanoparticles as a Tool to Deliver mTOR Inhibitors


- Development of Pharmaceutical Nanosystems N-Acyl Amino Acid Nanocarriers for Pharmaceutical Applications: Relation Between Surface Properties and Cytotoxicity and Acoustic Spectroscopy in the Characterisation of Pharmaceutical Nanosystems.


Paolo Colombo also illustrated a second lecture on "Accessorized DPI: A Shortcut Towards Patient Flexibility and Adaptability in Dry Powder Inhalation".


The TEFARCO Consortium has also sponsored two research awards for young researchers who presented scientific contributions in the form of posters at the Conference. They were:


- TEFARCO Innova-PharmaTech Best Poster Award. Kifayatullah Shah, Wong Tin Wui, Chan Lai Wah. Synthesis, characterization, and inhalation performance of rifampicin loaded nanoemulsions. Pharma + BioAsia 2016 held in Malaysia (Sept 2016).


- TEFARCO Innova-PharmaTech Scientist Award. Nauman Rahim Khan, Wong Tin Wui. Combinational ethosome and microwave technologies to treat malignant skin melanoma. Pharma + BioAsia 2016 held in Malaysia (Sept 2016).


It’s not the first time that TEFARCO gets involved in this international conference, which now has assumed a key role for the development of scientific knowledge in the field of drug delivery for obtaining medicines targeted to safety of and efficacy of drug treatments.


Read the lecture Lecture DPI_ particles_powders_devices_and in vitro vivo respirability 


Read the lecture accesorized DPI: a schortcut towards flexibility and patient adaptability in dry powder inhalation

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